Next Steps

Tell Liz your Dari Barn order


Sign Cards

Sign the thank you cards for all of our guests.

Making a Bio:

Log on to using your Grinnell username and log-in credentials.

Create a new blog post.

  • Your name as the title
  • A photo/headshot as the featured image
  • A brief bio about yourself and the work you’ll be doing as a Vivero fellow this year
  • Select “Fellows” for the post category
  • Publish

Check out to see your published bio page.

Confirming Your Lunch Order:

If you haven’t already, fill out the Qualtrics survey to let us know your preferred Jimmy John’s order for co-working lunches.

To change your lunch order or make a snack request, contact Farah.

Putting Co-Working on Your Calendar:


11am-4:30pm on Thursdays whenever classes are in session.

Starts September 5. Ends December 12.

Come for a minimum of 2 hours.

No co-working on the following dates: October 24, November 28

Setting Up a Meeting with Your Project Mentor:


Draft an email to your project mentor.

Introduce yourself.

Identify possible times over the next two weeks you could meet.

Ask if they have suggestions for background reading or work you can be doing in the interim period to get started on the project.

Logging Your Hours:


Link to section of the GC Student Employee Handbook that includes NovaTime instructions.

If you have not worked on campus before, consult the Student Employment web page for how to get started with the necessary paperwork.

Joining the Vivero Slack:


Click this link to join the Vivero slack.

Everyone will be added to the “general,” “random,” and “co-working” channels.

You’ll also be added to a project-specific channel.

If needed, your project mentor can be added to the project-specific channel (contact Farah or Katie).

Everything else we haven’t covered this week