• Location: DLab (Forum) unless otherwise specified
    • August 19-23
    • 9am-12pm, 1-5pm
  • Special events:
    • August 20: Dinner at Carolyn’s House
    • August 21, 12-2pm: Lunch with Dr. Anne Cong-Huyen
    • August 22, Lunch with your project mentors
  • All other meals will be on your own in the Dining Hall

Who are your fearless leaders? Find out here.

Where can you take notes? On the Google Docs we’ve set up for:

Questions? Ideas? Let us know. Activities are subject to change as need arises.

What you’re responsible for doing each day:

  • participating
  • reflecting
  • documenting
  • reading
  • asking questions
  • keeping track of ideas

10Vivero--what is it?
10:25What is a digital project anyways???? (link to tutorial)
1Change the Subject film screening [**ALTERNATE LOCATION: HSSC N1110**]
2Change the Subject film conversation [**ALTERNATE LOCATION: HSSC N1110**]
3Envisioning metadata with Tilly Woodward (Grinnell Museum of Art)
4End of day wrap-up and homework

Readings for Tuesday 

9Regroup and review previous day
9:15Reading discussion
10:30Introduction to co-working
1Tutorials (data cleaning, analyzing/visualizing data) Link to tutorial page
4End of day wrap-up and homework
6Dinner at Carolyn's house

Readings for Wednesday: 

Homework for Wednesday:

9Workshop with Anne Cong-Huyen (part I)

Link to slides
12Lunch with Anne
1-4Workshop with Anne (part II)
4End of day wrap-up and homework

Readings for Thursday 

9Regroup and review previous day, Discuss homework readings

Link to Morgan article breakout activity
10:30Introduction to textual analysis (link to tutorial page)
12DHall lunch with project mentors
1Introduction to geospatial analysis (link to tutorial page)
4End of day wrap-up and homework

Readings for Friday:

Homework for Friday:

  • Draft bios for Vivero website

9Working with the Getting to Know You survey data (link to tutorial)
10:30Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution, with Chinyere Ukabiala (Grinnell College Ombudsperson)
1Making decisions about project technology (link to tutorial)
2Introduction to project management (link to tutorial)
3Wrap up and next steps (link to outline)
4Dairy Barn run!

We made it!!

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