ArcGIS StoryMaps

Creating an ArcGIS Online Web Application


18-Click on the ArcGIS icon in the top left corner, and return to the Content page.


19-The map you created will now appear as a content item.

20-Click on the Web Map item.



21-Click on Create Web App—Using a Template



22-Click on Build a Story Map, and select Story Map Series.

23-Click the blue Create Web App icon to start customizing your web application.


24-ArcGIS will automatically use the title, tags, and summary from your Web Map. You can change any of these fields if needed, then click Done.

Large Group Shareouts

Share the interactive map your group created.

  • What aspects of the data are highlighted?
  • What does your interactive map communicate about the data?
  • What could a user learn from your interactive map?
  • Other ideas for how you might want to design or continue building the interactive map?

Building Your Web Application

Let the notes from the design brainstorm guide as you build out the interactive map.

*Note: This tutorial outlines steps for building one type of interactive map template, in order to show the basic functionality and editing features of ArcGIS Online. You may decide a different template is the best fit for your project. The specifics of that template will be different from what you’re seeing here, but the basic features and functionality will likely have some overlap.


Layout options

Like you saw in the gallery, this template offers Tabbed, Side Accordion, or Bulleted layout options.


You can customize other layout settings like color scheme under Settings.

Maps and Map Layers



For any of the layout options, you can bring in layers from the Web Map you created in previous sections of this tutorial. Customizing the map content display allows you to use the same Web Map and select specific players to display on a page.



For any of the layout options, you can include text or other multimedia content to accompany the map.


Leaving this panel blank will make it hidden (not visible) in the public map interface.

Click the blue Save icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen often to save changes to the project.


Click on View Story in the top menu to see what the public application interface will look like.

Publishing the Web Application

When done building and customizing the web application, save the project.


Click on Share in the top menu to publish your web application.